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TETRA digital trunked mobile radio for voice and data has found acceptance internationally. It's success has been mainly due to compliance to an open standard of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute(ETSI).

Further, the ETSI TETRA standard received significant input from the various manufacturers and prospective users by way of the TETRA Memorandum of Understanding Association. This international body known as the TETRA and Critical Communication Association (TandCCA) has been primarily responsible for the fast tracking of the ETSI TETRA open standard and air interface compatibility compliance testing between subscribing manufacturers. It is interesting to note that the evolution of the ETSI TETRA open standard has outpaced attempts by several organisations to achieve an open standard for digital trunked radio.

Key Objectives

  • Representations to the regulating bodies to secure radio frequency spectrum for TETRA networks
  • Facilitate development of voice and data applications
  • Promote TETRA as open standard digital technology and a viable digital solution to address future needs of existing analogue and trunked radio users and potential new wireless markets
  • Facilitate the exchange of information concerning TETRA
  • Represent regional interests in the evolution of the TETRA standards


Benefits of Membership

  • The NATF has input and feedback as to the development of future functionality levels of TETRA through the international TandCCA and ETSI
  • Allows a path of communication of specific user requirements regarding desirable hardware and software features, and functionality between users and manufacturers
  • Recognition as a vendor for TETRA products, value added applications, or services


02 Feb 2016
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